there are a few things, not many, which make almost everything better. ie most things need water. (except melting chocolate). most things need air (except a vaccuum). and despite these exceptions, most things are better because of air or water. i would like to add a third concept to the list.

most things are better with pockets.

what is better than having somewhere to put your hand, your wallet, your spare key, or your fake water-pistol flower (if you happen to be a clown)?

moreover, things that are pocket sized are also cool (think: pocket watch, pocket book, pocket calculator).

things that have pockets already built in are clearly the coolest, see: kangaroo.

the proof is so completely overwhelming.

that settles it, then. you should pocket a pocket today. or, at least, give me something that has a pocket.

it will make your life a better place to be.

Life is better with pockets….

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